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 Washington DC for Teens
Best Things to Do with Teenagers in DC

Traveling to Washington DC with an all-to-grown-up teen can be challenging. Not quiet adults, but not children either, teenagers demand their own type of entertainment which often times does not involve site seeing with mom and dad. Luckly, the nation's capitol offers safe yet fun places to visit with museums, art galleries, sporting events and attractions that are perfect for your teenage daughter or son.

Best Museums for Teens...
Rembrandt, Picasso, Monet, Van Gogh, not good enough! Offer up million year-old dinosaurs larger that an family home or 6 foot stalagmites. How about a museum revealing the secrets of International spies?--now those are museums teens will like!

International Spy Museum
Smithsonian Institution
National Air and Space Museum
National Museum of Natural History
Torpedo Factory Art Center

Best Attractions for Teens...
Yeah, yeah--enough history already. Your budding adult needs some serious diversion: amuse them with something other than a federal building.

Six Flags America
National Zoo
National Aquarium
Fredericksburg, Virginia
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Best Hotels for Teens...
Don't just lay your head down in any old hotel, get a room in one that offers some ammenities--maybe a spa, a gym or better yet, a swimming pool.

Hilton Embassy Row
Mandarin Oriental, Washington D.C.
Hotel Henix
St Gregory Hotel and Suites
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Best Monuments...
DC is about U.S. history and momuments are a part of that history--they're a must on any visit to the Capitol. Admire them and pay respect to the men and women who've kept our country free.

Lincoln Memorial
Washington Monument
Arlington National Cemetery
World War II Memorial

Sightseeing Tours Your Teen Will Love...
Okay, we're not talking about a typical tour--you know the type: a crowd of people snapping pictures of everything, a tour guide with a "I'm right here" sign! Nope. Teens demand a little more excitement.

Bike the Sites
Capitol River Cruises

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